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PsyQ workshops

Discover. Grow. Optimise.

Invest in your People Success with our bespoke, science-based, people development workshops.
We don’t do death by PowerPoint – don’t settle for cookie-cutter type training and development for your people. Our courses are designed to fire up insight and personal re-discovery in your people, and are tailor built around the quintessence of your company, culture and organisational narrative.

Our Bespoke Workshop Offerings

Unpack the unique componentry leading to conflict at the inter-and-intrapersonal level, whilst learning of and how to manage the psychosomatic consequences of conflict on the mind and body. Learn how to diffuse tension, promote mutual understanding and constructively deal with disputes at work.
Discover how to craft workplace conversations in various settings, whilst harnessing the power of both words and the unspoken. Become emersed in techniques to enable meaningful, powerful conversations in various interaction contexts, including, though not limited to; sales, negotiations, meetings and impromptu employee disclosures
Empower your leaders to engage in powerful, meaningful performance conversations with subordinates, which inspire trust and performance.
Learn how to harness the power of vulnerability in forging workplace relationships built on trust, mutual respect and meaningful perspective. Discover how to create a humane work environment, in which psychological safety acts as fulcrum to the development of a high performance, thriving workforce.
Discover how to better understand both your own emotions and those of others, and how to harness the positive spill-over effect of emotional intelligence from leaders to followers, to enable meaningful, sustainable performance and results at work.
Unlock sales team potential in your team by harnessing our proven HERO™ system. Discover, harness and optimise your team’s character strengths and values, whilst learning how to ‘get into the zone’ before sales engagements.
Partner with us to build a bespoke workshop offering for your people. Create the perfect synergy between science-backed people development practice, and the unique needs of your people.