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Be the force of beneficence for your people

When turbulent times effect your employees, trust us to provide meaningful workplace psychological counselling.
Your employees are more than just a means to an end, they are your people, the embodiment of the values, culture and success of your company. They are at the frontlines of your success. The dynamism in which they, and you operate is becoming ever more complex and nuanced.
When life-and-work happens, trust us to provide robust and meaningful workplace counselling to your people. Don’t settle for EAP hotlines, and faceless voices when it comes to assisting your people with complex psychological work and career related issues – we don’t. Our professional psychologists have engaged with the career development and workplace traumas of more than 500 clients to date.

How we do Workplace Counselling

We provide confidential and professional psychological counselling and support to your employees through face-to-face, or video-conferencing mediums. These sessions can be held in a private venue at the workplace, or at our consulting rooms at a time best suited your employee.
Trauma Debriefing
Help your employees find peace and acceptance after experiencing traumatic events at work (loss of a colleague, armed robberies, civil unrest and the like).
Career Counselling
Help your employees discover what drives and motivates them in their work – assist talent reconnect with the joy and love of their job.
Retirement/ Retrenchment Counselling
Assist employees with the emotional and practical aspects of the cessation of work, and equip them with the practical psychological tools needed to move forward.