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Individual counselling

Discover and Nurture Your Best Self

Starting out your career journey? Or need a trusted partner along the way? We are here for You.
Your career journey is as unique as your individuality. Do not settle for impersonal textbook application of theory when it comes to your career development and journey – we don’t.
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We partner with you to understand what it is that anchors you, drives your passion, your commitment, your future. We merge this with proven psychometric instruments to plan a way forward that is unique and adaptable to who you are, and where you are going. Our partnership with you is based on decades of career counselling and psychometric assessment, along with a robust knowledge of people and work. Whether you are just starting out, or need to re-focus and find meaning again, we are here for You.
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psyQ Path™

Individual Career & Workplace Related Counselling

Shifting career lanes is a daunting prospect for many, trust us to help you navigate the waters of change, and get you back to shores of growth. Our career transition and development services help you to find the right path through the use of our personal and psychometric assessments, coaching and bespoke approach to work-related-counselling. We have worked with the career journey and narratives of over 500 clients to date. We merge scientific practice with our innate knowledge of people and work, to help you craft your future success. Are you ready to take that first step?
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psyQ Balance™

Work-Life Balance Coaching for Working Couples

Life. Work. Family. Children (yes, animals count too). The struggle at work need not lead to struggle at home. We provide joint counselling with you and your partner to help you discover and understand the inner narrative driving each of your career aspirations, whilst merging this with proven techniques to find harmony and balance between work, home and one another. We engage in a bespoke coaching and counselling process to help you find balance and calm from each other, so you are ready for your next workplace challenge.
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psyQ Study™

Career Guidance & Testing for Youth

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question need not be a source of anxiety for you. The world of work is more dynamic than ever before. With so much information on careers, studies and future-proofing, it can be difficult to know where to start.

We help you understand the core drivers of your interests and aptitudes, and merge this to your innate talents and strengths, through a proven merging of psychometric testing and personal assessment. We then help you plot a path of education, development and experience, so that you are ready to meet the challenges of work today, and in the future. We specialise in helping you choose the right subjects in high school and beyond, and finding the right study or actualisation path for a career best matched to you.
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psyQ Coach™

Personal Career & Leadership Development

Don’t settle for textbook, cut-and-paste coaching sessions, offered by scantly qualified pseudo-professionals – we don’t. Grow your personal and professional advantage with our bespoke coaching approach that merges cutting-edge research with the personal aspects of your emerging leadership.

We give you a partner to help you work through key challenges, and develop a growth-orientated mind-and-skillset, that you need to succeed, expediently. Our qualified psychologists join you on a medium-term journey to improve performance, increase insights, help you adapt to a new role, or optimise development goal success.
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