About psyQ Consulting

We are a small, niche team of passionate people development practitioners with a simple aim; make a lasting, meaningful and positive difference for all those we have the privilege of partnering with.
Our niche team grouped together during the height of the Corona-Virus pandemic, a time during which we observed some organisations floundering, and others flourishing. Our team of professionals understand that organisations are far more than just places, they are people, and results are achieved with people, not through people.

And so, with grit, determination, a shared vision, and many cups of coffee, psyQ Consulting embarked on a journey of positive people development to become the work-psychology practice of choice for discerning clients, ready to build flourishing, healthy and happy organisations.

So, what can psyQ do for you?
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Core Practitioners

Kevin Jooste

M.A. Industrial Psychology: NWU
Registered Industrial / Organisational Psychologist | Founder and Principal Psychologist of psyQ Consulting
Kevin holds over 12 years of psychological consulting experience across various industries and organisations and is an experienced people development practitioner, with specialisation in coaching and counselling, using a unique, blended approach of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Systems Psychodynamics. You won’t find Kevin calling himself an expert, because that means he has stopped learning – and that will never be the case. Kevin is passionate partner to organisations, ready to build a lasting, strategic advantage through their biggest asset – their people.
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Bronwyn Menne

M.Com Industrial Psychology: UP
Research & Education Specialist and Career Development Practitioner
Bronwyn’s people development skills were forged in the sphere of training and development, with a passion for working with people and issues at a grassroots level. She immediately realised there was a dire need for meaningful training, authentic connection between management and employees, and a move away from tick-box exercise development initiatives. Underlying all of this, was a need to better understand human behaviour in the workplace at an individual, team, and organisational level. Bronwyn leads the research and development compliment of psyQ Consulting and is the key to ensuring all projects we partner on are bespoke to your needs and grounded in rigorous theory and practice.
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Our Partners

In an effort to always meet our clients’ needs as widely and comprehensively as possible, psyQ Consulting has partnered with seasoned experts and specialists in:

  • Assessment centres (design, development, and execution)
  • Diversity, inclusivity, and transformation
  • Human resources (systems and processes)
  • Employee health and wellbeing (counselling, mindfulness, and nutrition)

Our Brand

psyQ Consulting’s brand is made up of three key facets which underlie all that we do – our values, our vision, and our mission. To us, these are not just some fancy words on poster up in our office, but form the foundation of our behaviours, actions and intent in every project we undertake for our clients.

Our values

  • Humanity
  • Courage
  • Science
  • Growth
  • Integrity

Our vision

To assist individuals, teams, and organisations in finding meaning, purpose, and joy in their work through sustainable, quintessentially people-driven solutions.

Our mission

How we achieve our vision is through exploring, creating, and offering bespoke people-oriented solutions to individuals, teams, and organisations across our beautifully diverse South Africa in a way that promotes positive growth and sustainability. It does not matter if you’re a young entrepreneur, an HR lead, a founder of a non-profit organisation, or a CEO of a large corporate; psyQ Consulting will serve you (and your employees’) best interests through our rigorously researched and value-defined service offerings and workshops. We believe that anyone has the capacity to thrive if they are open to real change, establishing authentic relationships, and are willing to embrace practical real-world solutions .

Businesses we've partnered with

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We are proud to be professionally affiliated with:

health professions council of south africa
psychological society of south africa
society for industrial and organisational psychology of south africa
coaches and mentors of south africa