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Leadership & professional training

Development Coaching for meaningful individual and organisational change

Leaders and high potential employees, at all levels, need guidance and support. A beneficent presence in your corner, helping you be more nimble, more genuine, more capable. Support that helps you inspire commitment, inspiration and clear focus from those you lead.
Now, more than ever before, you face great challenges as a leader. Constant flux, for both yourself, and those you lead and inspire. Disrupting the status quo, creating a clear vision, and merging strategic goals, with meaningful people focus is an imperative.
Are you ready to actualize your potential?

How we do Leadership & Professional development

To keep teams innovative, laser-focused, and ready to face new challenges, leaders and high potentials need an adaptable blend of people-focus and strategic capacity. You will need to build and harness a pioneering mind-and-skillset, practiced through meaningful and personal leadership coaching.
We give you a partner to help you work through key challenges, and develop a growth-orientated mind-and-skillset, that you need to succeed, expediently. Our qualified psychologists join you on a medium-term journey to improve performance, increase insights, help you adapt to a new role, or optimise development goal success. The transitional period into a new leadership role offers a strategic opportunity to build a successful foundation of credibility, trust, commitment, and team engagement. Our coaching approach is strengths-focused, whilst incorporating the impact of the unconscious on conscious process. We understand that meaningful change starts with building personal insights, that empowers adaptable, nimble leaders.
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Sales team development

Build Effective Sales Teams to Sell in Disruptive Times

Increase Your Sales Team Effectiveness with Our Proven HERO™ People Development Process.
The psychology of sales success need not be a mystery. We work with the human quintessence of your sales teams to optimise people, process, rewards and bottom-line results. Through the use of Psychological Capital (PsyCap), we build your sales capital. With our people and organisational consultation experience, we craft bespoke interventions that unlock hidden strengths and talents, so that your people are able to best hone their expertise in sales transactions.
Sales is about people, and people are not mechanistic. Don't settle for a cut-and-paste, outdated Dale Carnegie approach to sales team development – we don’t. We use cutting edge psychological research to help your people craft their quintessence in each sales interaction, ensuring more personal, valuable sales transactions that have meaningful impact on the bottom line.

How we do Sales Team development

To enable meaningful sales team transformation, a quick-and-dirty approach simply will not work. We focus on your people, their psyche, approach, paradigms and experience, and link this to their conscious and unconscious experience to enable meaningful, realistic personal development and growth. With this, we also look at the skills, culture and organisational narrative you have now. Then, we take this people and organisational knowledge, and craft a bespoke solution to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.
People transformation
Build the psyche, skills and culture to transform your sales position
Leadership Development
Unlock and harness the people-leadership talents of your sales managers.
People Transitioning
Assist in the successful transitioning of outgoing employees, and build the engagement of those who stay.
Talent Identification & Harnessing
Start building the talent and success of your future sales team, today.
Culture & Organisational Narrative Assessment
Bridge the gap between company values and real grass-roots action.
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Succession and Placement Assessment

Find the perfect talent-role fit with psyQ Match™

Your organisation incubates talent. We help you match the right person with the right job.
Optimised succession and job placement strategies are strategic levers for your current and future success. We help you discover the uniqueness of your internal talent pool and find the perfect strategic match between your current, and future strategic and leadership objectives. We draw on decades of psychological assessment experience to build a picture of the talent characteristics you will need, bespoke to your business focus, market, job-level or big-picture challenges.
We use proven assessment methodologies to best understand your people and the quintessence of the talent they have. We then merge this information to build a strategic focus on ensuring you have the right people in the right positions today – with the key talent characteristics to build your tomorrow.

How we do Succession and Placement Assessment

We expediently engage in a thorough practical and psychological assessment of your current internal and external talent pool, informed by research, scientific practice and decades of assessment experience. This provides you with a detailed analysis from which to make informed selection, promotion and further people development decisions.
Psychometric Assessment
Our professional assessments provide you with the insights needed to select, build and hone your future heroes, leaders, customer-centric teams and more. We work with you to agree on the role-specific success factors, and then see how your candidates match up using science-based assessments.
psyQ Match™
Bespoke Assessment Centres
We help you to assess talent in a real-world performance-based situation, to ensure you have the talent you need to execute strategically. We provide you with a full picture of each candidate’s real-world performance capacity through the use of situational judgement tests and simulations, and link this to each candidate’s psychometric assessment results.
Succession Planning
Whether you are reacting to sudden leadership shifts, or developing a succession plan for future success, we partner with you, and provide a full complement of services to support your company, and strategic objectives in dynamic times. We help you design, build, and implement optimised pivoting or long-term succession plans, so that you have the right people to realise your strategic objectives.
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Culture & Pulse Surveys

Keep your finger on your company’s pulse with psyQ GroundworQ™

Our GroundworQ™ system of culture, climate and pulse assessments strategically empower you to make informed people and process decisions.
Understanding the why of work is as critical as understanding the how. Don’t settle for an assessment of your company’s culture, climate or pulse that lacks insight, integrity and purpose – we don’t. To truly understand the inner people workings of your company at a grassroots level, requires a careful balance of science and the human touch.
In a world of impersonal, rushed assessments that lack perspective and meaning, we take a step back, and partner with you, and your people, and engage in a bespoke information gathering process that gives you a clear understanding of people values, norms, issues and concerns and how these play out in relation to your strategic objectives.

How we do Culture & Pulse surveys

We use a balance of face-to-face interviews with people on the ground, and science-based assessments. By using a balance of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, we provide you with clear perspective of how and why things work, and why they don’t work. By combining the psychology of Systems-Psychodynamics with the power of quantitative data analysis, we are able to pinpoint key areas of both success and development in your people operations, and help equip you to take key psychological and organisational level action toward building a better, more humane organisation.
Culture Surveys

Our culture surveys evaluate how well your company culture matches your expressed values, beliefs and ethics. This equips you with key knowledge on which behaviours, programs and processes are driving a culture conducive to actualising your people, and realising your strategic objectives and empowers you to make meaningful people and process decisions.

Climate Surveys
Our climate surveys provide you with key insights on the opinions, feelings, viewpoints and expectations of your people, providing you with detailed feedback of how your people perceive the company as a whole. This equips you with information on the success of current programs, organisational strengths and areas of development that would otherwise go unreported.
Pulse Surveys
An efficient tool allowing you to regularly check-in with your people on key issues, plot trends over time, and link improvements back to strategic actions. Your people have the opportunity to provide feedback more regularly, and your company is better equipped to quickly act on that feedback.